So you want to learn Big Ball Tennis huh?

Big Ball Tennis is a semi-contact, more aggressive version of regular Tennis…played with a large 9″ Tennis ball. The rules are slightly different, however the scoring system is the same as traditional Tennis. Big Ball Tennis is played with a certain degree of “Prison Rules” – meaning more is allowed than not. However, there are a standard set of rules to follow.

The Ball

You need a 9″ Wilson US Open Tennis ball, found at places like:

The Rackets

In order of best to worst, the tennis rackets you should use are:

  1. Ceramic
  2. ’90s fiberglass
  3. Newer composite (the frames will bend and break after a minimal use)

So…in other words…older rackets = good, newer rackets = bad.

Ebay is usually the best source for older rackets…with shipping they are typically around $20 each.  If you have a used sports store in your area, they also might have what you need.

The Court

All you need is a regular ‘ol tennis court.  For service, the short and narrow lines are used (shown in yellow), and after service the short and wide lines are used (shown in blue).  So you can see that it’s a shorter court than normal tennis, but that works just fine for Big Ball.

The Players

Doubles are usually more fun, but singles are more exercise, so choose whatever works best for you.  If you want to get better fast, play singles. At a minimum, you just need 2 people to play Big Ball Tennis.  The reason it’s more fun/hilarious with 4 is that you can pass to your partner (like in volleyball), and 2 people can play close to the net and have racket battles.

Just find some friends that are badass, aren’t afraid to try new things, and don’t have brittle wrists.  This ain’t your mamma’s tennis.