Big Ball Tennis was first played in 2002 by Mike Sullivan and some of his Southern California college dorm buddies mainly as a joke to mock and irritate some local tennis players. The joke continued one summer when he went back home for summer break and introduced the game to his good friend and high school teammate Jason Drews.

Because they both found it very entertaining and it embodied all aspects as other related sports, what started out as a “joke” quickly developed into a legitimate sport. Over the summer Jason and Mike fine-tuned their sport and developed the consistent set of rules and regulations that are still held true in Big Ball Tennis today. Mike, with his background and knowledge in kinesiology, coaching and college level teaching, and Jason with his extensive experience in everything awesome continue to develop the sport today ensuring it is played at its maximum potential for enjoyment and athletic challenge.

The sport is based in Southern California and now growing exponentially because of its high level of addictiveness. Contact us today to get in on our next game!